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FNS Music Studio

These days, it seems like there is a music studio on every corner, but what they often lack is the experience and the espertize crutial to working in a studio, and necessary, if you want to acieve the best possible result.

Future Nature Sound Music studio has been in development for years based on the idea and the hard work, both on the musical development and personal life of several professionals, while spear headed by a man who has devoted all his love to music and the arts. The FNS studio as an additional step and segment in the musical career of its funder, Dušan Ivanisević, a professional musician, a professor of the drums and someone who has organised various music festivals at home and abroad. The funding of this studio is a realisation of a long term wish, now a necessity, by the professional misicians to have studio in a large space that also encompasses a fully functional musical-educational centre.

For years, professionals in this part of Europe have struggled when they needed to record all the vocal and instrumental forms that required them to record all the members of their bands or orchestras simutaneously. Our state of the art studio provides a space of 200m² (2150 ft²). During the building process we added high quality sound proofing and we designed the inner spaces so that they have ideal acustics. In addition, we strived towards ensuring a pleasant ambient and atmosphere. The acustics of the studio has been well balanced and it provides perfect conditions during your work on your projects such as: Jazz, Pop-Rock, Blues, Country, Classical musuc recordings or Choirs. The size of the studio enables us to provide you with the neccesary conditions to record whole orchestras, bands or choirs simutaneously.

The Future Nature Sound studio provides the following services:

Dusan Ivanisevic

Dušan IvaniševićOwner

Born in Pancevo in 1969. Finished elementary and secondary musical education in The Stankovic School of Music in Belgrade in 1989. Receives a Master's Degree at the Jazz Acadamy in Graz , Austria in 1997. Performs with leading European jazz misicians and even published a few CDs. He has worked as a professor at the Fine Arts Academy in Belgrade and at the jazz department at The Stankovic School of Music for the last 15 years, where he was once a student. Active as a studio, club and concert musician with more than 100 performances a year in this part of Europe. From 1998. – 2013. he served as the Art director and organises what was, until recently, one of the most eminent jazz festivals in the region - The Pancevo Jazz Festival. Works as an associate for various festivals in the region.
The creative mind behind the Future Nature Sound studio.

Vladimir Angelovski

Vladimir AngelovskiSound Engineer


  • Highschool "Uros Predic", Pancevo, 1996.
  • SAE Institute – New York, USA, 2001.

Work experience:

  • sound engineer, B.B. Kings Blues Club, New York, USA
  • sound engineer, Irving Plaza, New York, USA
  • sound engineer, Studio Berar, Novi Sad
  • sound engineer, ProTone Audio, Pancevo
  • sound engineer, freelance.


Experience, knowledge, state of the art equipment, optimal conditions are all ingredients in a netural recipe for the success of your creative endevours!